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Breakfast cereals available at Tesco's

10 items compared. Nutritional comparison of popular breakfast cereals available at Tesco's

Sliced loaf comparison

6 items compared. This is straightforward comparison of some popular breads available at Tesco's

Energy Drinks

7 items compared. Some Energy Drinks and juices compared

Compare Apples with Oranges

8 items compared. This is a genuine comparison of the nutritional data of apples and oranges.

Which custard to choose

12 items compared. Ready made custards compared, and just for context, include angel delight, interesting results.

Products containing aspartame

29 items compared. Here is a small selection of products containing aspartame, compared with each other.

Minestrone Soups

8 items compared. Comparison of tinned minestrone soups

Settled the argument Fudge cake, wine, or donuts

5 items compared. We were debating which had the most sugar, between chocolate fudge cake, a glass of wine and a couple of donuts. For the same, weight of each, 100g, the fudge cake has the most sugar.
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